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Manchester City defender seduce Galacticos signings Blue Moon never short of money


Today, the "Blue Moon" Manchester City poor performance in the league so many of his supporters are puzzled, puzzled most should be Manchester City boss Abu Dhabi Group, if last year's downturn could put the blame to coach Roberto Mancini who, this season, Manchester City has replaced the head coach, ushered Bimanqini reputation in the industry, "engineer" Pellegrini lot, but in the summer and spent over one hundred million pounds Further improvement team, but less than a third of the new season has just begun, Manchester City lost four games on the road, and is now ranked eighth in the standings, if this ranking is now final season rankings, then Abu Dhabi Group will become a joke, for a coach looks better, but spent one hundred million pounds transfer fee, but the results of the entire team from the Champions League zone outside the European war zone. In order to continue to strengthen the team, Manchester City decided to continue signings and signings of the object to be more on the grade, so they aimed at the "Galacticos" the vice-captain, Ramos Real Madrid defensive line .In addition, when talking about cheap air max shoes usa 2015, the AIR MAX Sports shoes can be found from this USA online site: ! Well, let's go on talking about latest sports news, soccer news.. Manchester City reason to dig Ramos, Ramos now with Real Madrid because of the problems on their own salary differences, Ramos hopes to be able to receive about 7.2 million euros a year salary, and his salary is now just only 420 million euros, so the two sides on this issue differences arising Manchester City hope to see the poaching. Allegedly, Manchester City are willing to Real Madrid vice-captain out of a 32.5 million pounds transfer fee, and meet the requirements Ramos of pay. Manchester City in the last two seasons of poor performance is an important reason for Belgian defender Kompany's absence through injury once Kompany, Manchester City's defense as natural as there is a hole, and the arrival of Ramos, and can effective remedy when Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany is not efficient.