Manchester City Tottenham meet Battle Tyrant! 100 million pounds Who naught


Although just experienced international friendlies, but Manchester City players together is not afraid of "FIFA virus" interference in the current round of Premier League matches can still send a very competitive team. Because in the Champions League has secured the team qualify, Manchester City can concentrate on the championship in the league. Manchester City's current ranking is not ideal, forcing the weak performance away to Manchester City at home must fight for victory. This season, Manchester City home and away record is entirely different league home 5 wins, 6 one win away to level 4 negative, really terrible. Pellegrini's team, now on the road some cute and honest taste, Cardiff, Aston Villa, Sunderland River this team, can get the three points from them. Prior to the main players Zabaleta anxiously said, if the team continues to play away insects, so to win the league probably would be wasted. Why Manchester City away performance so not to force? Pellegrini is not considered to be their own responsibility, "This is not the technical and tactical problems, six road we only took four minutes, but I think we played not bad. Looking back six games you will find that we create more opportunities than the home team, but some individual mistakes we did not get the three points. I am convinced the team's technical and tactical. "But if Pellegrini Not intentionally prevarication, Manchester City season road race does seem unlucky. There is no doubt that the new season is Spurs on the defensive success, maintaining a clean body is not more than say, barely into the other team single-game 2 goals or more, a good defense is half the battle. Secondly, the Spurs spent 100 million to buy seven new signings, although not yet fully integrated into the team, but the process is long-distance running in the league will give the Spurs more choices. But Tottenham's attack is a headache, if with Manchester City Negredo horizontal comparison, at White Hart Lane this season, the introduction of the high costs Soldado did not reach expectations. Tottenham wanton situation many games without scoring more than 20 feet can not be fully explained by luck, striker shot feeling bad or low quality will be seriously hampered efforts to Tottenham to score points. Manchester City this season, an away game called catastrophic, since various events 9 road, won only three games, only won one league. Manchester City now also ranked in eighth position, was not pulling away powers, relying on the home of a high winning percentage. 8 home this season, Manchester City 7-1, is the only one home defeat last season's loss to Bayern in the Champions League Triple Crown. The team at home often a big win over the opponent, so the challenge round the north of Tottenham, Manchester City who have little chance to grab points. Tyrant of the war, Manchester City to see the high line transfer market this summer, the Spurs spent 107 million pounds were signings, while Manchester City has invested 102 million pounds to recruit. Round two teams meet directly, you can call their game "Tyrant of the war" the Premiership. Standings, Tottenham Manchester City more than 1 point, a high ranking. Pellegrini at the prospect of this game seems intent against opponents, he believes Tottenham's strength is not enough to fight for the championship, "the Premier League this season, competition is fierce, the current top six teams, divide the difference between very weak. We must actively grab points, in my opinion, in the end Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and Manchester City champion. "Tottenham is currently only one point more than Manchester City, the recent state of decline, various events last four only 1 win, Jin Lianglun league wins and a draw in the European Cup. Tottenham this season has been plagued by attacks exposed the weakness of the problem, which a ball into two leagues. Manchester City Hart abandoned coveted lead Barcelona Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes has confirmed that the team will leave contract expires after this season, so Barcelona must find a successor as soon as possible. According to the "insight into the offside" reported that the Camp Nou phase of the poor situation at Manchester City Joe Hart, hoping to buy 15 million pounds of the Premiership this third Gold Glove winner. Due to the recent slump, Hart has lost the main position of the club in recent weeks, guarding the goal for Manchester City has been a Romanian goalkeeper Panticosa Limon. In fact, this week's Anglo-German war Hart since last month has been spent, first played in the main identity, which was unimaginable before .In addition, when talking about cheap nike air max 2015, the AIR MAX Sports shoes can be found from this USA online site: ! Well, let's go on talking about latest sports news, soccer news.. Currently, Hart has played 229 games for Manchester City, and 37 times for the Three Lions debut, if you can not return to starting, Hart might be for the World Cup next year, and to find another way.



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