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Real Golden Boy + money to buy Aguero KUN The most important thing is what a man happy


"Mirror" screenshots of the season in the Premier League, Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero can be described as the best player so far he has scored 13 goals for the Blue Moon, including eight from the Premier League, which not only earned him the Premier League Official Selection October best player, but also to make him sit on the throne of the scorer. Ah Kun outstanding between the state media recently broke the news that Real Madrid intend to use Pellegrini love in Malaga Isco + cash will be the way the acquisition is completed, but the Argentine striker was denied. Although Sergio Aguero's ex-wife, that is Diego Maradona's daughter Zhan Nina lives in Madrid with his son Benjamin, but Aguero said he is very happy in Manchester, I will not go to the Spanish capital to join the Galacticos. The now 25-year-old Argentine striker, said: "The truth is I am very happy, the club treated me well, this is not just like in Spain or Argentina and now I've done is to enjoy football, go home and rest, then walk or. quiet meal "talk about their performance this season, Aguero said:." I have been saying, every game you can learn something, then progress took English football, for example, where the pace of the game quickly. This lets you focus more, while honing your skills. So I am learning every day, and I have a lot to learn. I'm in good shape now, there is a good start, I must To hold this state, otherwise it will be a problem. I think most of my goals can help the team win three points, which is very important. "In addition to Sergio Aguero, Manchester City's recent figure another topic is Joe - Hart .In addition, when talking about cheap nike air max 90 2015, the AIR MAX Sports shoes can be found from this USA online site: ! Well, let's go on talking about latest sports news, soccer news.. In a friendly match in midweek, Hart England starting to play Germany, which he disparaged the club since last month off the bench, played for the first time the main identity. Game, Hart people see the proper posture third Gold Glove winner, high-low block repeatedly saved the Germans scoring after the game he was "Sky Sports" showed the whole nine points highest score. After the game, almost everyone agrees that Hart will return to Manchester City this weekend starting 11 with Tottenham in the league, but it is probably not so smooth. British "Mirror" reported that Pellegrini will continue to use the Romanians Panticosa Limon at the weekend, while Hart can only continue to sit on the bench. Pei Shuai said: "I think at this point, Joe needed a break, but we have confidence in him, he is still an important member of the team." In the city the past four games, Hart did not get one minute playing time, which, Chile engineer explains:. "For the coach, the players as much as possible is very important to use your hands instead of only 11 people, but 22 I will analyze the performance of players every week, Then talk to them. "