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Data Crazy Manchester City 15 shot 10 shot 13 hit 6 goals Tottenham swallow eggs


the evening of 24 November 2013 21:30 2013/2014 season 12 Premier League rivalry, Manchester City sits at home against Tottenham. Only 13 seconds after the opening Aguero steals shot was saved, restricted the right of Navas rub shot far post nets, five minutes before the first gate line struggling denied Demichelis Lamela's shot, 32 minutes, Nasri cross from the left point after stopping the chest before Aguero Tui was saved, Negredo blank range cause Sandro own goal 41 minutes Sergio Aguero icing on the cake Tui, 50 minutes Sergio Aguero then Toure scored twice assists, 2 minutes Hounasili lob hit the crossbar in the 55th minute volley Negredo gain another victory in stoppage time Navas Tui meritorious deeds, Manchester City Tottenham bloodbath 6-0 to take all three points. The list of Golden Globes, Massey has lagged behind that in the first half had seven goals to beat their own Ribery And that eternal enemies, called the Ronaldo of Real Madrid players. Moreover, Macy suddenly found no own Barcelona is not bad, it seems very powerful. The successful adaptation to European football Neymar style is a lot of people think he replaced Messi became Barcelona and the football might a brother's position in the future .In addition, when talking about cheap nike air max 95 2015, the AIR MAX Sports shoes can be found from this USA online site: ! Well, let's go on talking about latest sports news, soccer news.. Especially recently, the media broke the Macy's injury might permanently better off great revelations. For the first person on the planet, the young people he has already completed several lifetimes scoring record can not be completed in just a few years since his debut, he also gained the appropriate people are not available for several lifetimes money and glory, such a huge salary, such as the Golden Globes so much. However, in these behind Massey also paid a corresponding price, such as his in the past few years on the excessive overdraft his body, so this year he suffered a state of decline and injuries intrusion. Therefore, Barcelona has begun to consider taking advantage of the time value of Macy's also has some high-priced to sell him to go, and the rest of Europe is not short of money, the team also saw the possibility to Messi away from Barcelona. And Barcelona have been doing before, such as the core "Dream Team II", and Ronaldinho and striker Samuel Eto'o cheetah, are also worth taking advantage of their hands when they let out. According to the latest news, including the English Premier League Manchester City and Chelsea, French side Paris Saint-Germain are hoping to take this opportunity to buy the Golden Globe winner. And they are willing to give out huge Macy transfer fee, this number may reach 250 million euros, and they are willing to meet the salary requirements Macy, he said that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is willing to give Macy's out of thirty million euros Macy's annual salary to attract your visit to Stamford Bridge.